Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November? Where did my year go?!

On Thursday I found out that the pre-calc class that had become the bane of my existence was unnecessary. Apparently to fill the requirement I could take the second class which didn't require pre-calc. Needless to say I shot over to registration and dropped the class. $320 may have been wasted, but at least the class can attest to the uselessness of the teacher. As I was leaving the office a boy in my class turned and asked if I was still in it. I chuckled and said no. He then told me he had just dropped it as well, and was told that three people had dropped before us. What started as a class of 40 is now less than 10. True, he is very smart and a nice guy, but he just can't teach. Hopefully his class averages (and the fact that students are dropping like flies) will be enough of a hint to the chair to get rid of this guy. He's not worth the money they are probably paying him.

All my other classes are going well. Something strange happened Friday, though. I was walking to class after breakfast and as I got close to my building I hear, "Hey." I turn and see a guy from the class I was going to. I said hi back and we chatted for a bit. Nothing in is your project going? what's your major, etc. Then after class was over I was walking to the elevator and he walked up next to me. "Sorry, forgot to catch your name." I already knew his because the professor has made jokes a few times that he can't know who Steve is unless he sits in his usual spot, lol. Not that this whole thing was strange on its own, but we haven't talked all semester and now we were having conversations? Then yesterday at the library I was working on a project, listening to my ipod, and I felt a tap on my shoulder. Steve was there and we chatted for a bit until he decided he would sit at the computer next to me. I'm not sure what he did but once I was finished he packed his stuff up and walked me out.

Since it was Halloween we talked about the night's plans. I didn't have any because all my friends were occupied with other things - that meant I'd be at home doing homework. When we separated he suggested I should go out. I told him I'd try and he responded, "I hope so." Hmm...*shrugs*. Could be nothing, could be something. ;)

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  1. Hi Christina!
    it's been a while since I stopped by. I was away on vacation and I'm currently swamped with work. Looks like things are progressing well for you. How is your mom? Any chance she might start blogging again?
    Hope all is well.



    ps. Steve sounds nice ;-)