Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Medical Mishaps

Ok, so I went to have an MRI yesterday, and figured it couldn't be too bad since I've had one before. I couldn't have been more wrong.

First off, we got there about half an hour early, and normally that would be a good thing. Didn't get taken back to go over paperwork and get changed until my normal appointment time (2:30). Still, not too bad since I knew at least one person was ahead of me. Second thing was that I didn't get taken back to do the actual test until about 4pm. A little ridiculous when there are more than one of the machines in operation.

Now, the actual test part wasn't too bad....about 30 mins. long in total. The last time I had an MRI just one test was 30 mins. The bad side of this was that my nurse had issues giving me the contrast. First, he tried my left hand...and when it would bleed (at all), it stopped so he tried a little higher on the same hand. I told him, "Well, I drank enough to be hydrated for my 2:30 appointment." I don't think he got my point, but what am I gonna do? Wait another 10 mins. or so to drink water and then go back in? I suggested he try my right at the elbow, and that was more successful. Don't get me wrong, it really wasn't his fault. However, the aftermath was a little disconcerting.

When I got home (about half an hour later), I noticed that on both sides of my elbow injection site the skin was puffy and completely white, with a small purple dot to indicate where the actual needle entered. I spent the night wearing an ice pack and by the time I went to bed a few hours later the swelling had gone down slightly. When I woke up this morning, thankfully the swelling and the white tint were gone. Now my only disappointment are the bruises at my injection sites.

Can't ever have a simple procedure it seems. Am I just lucky?

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